Below we have provided some answers to general questions about our process.  However, SES recognizes that each project is different and presents unique challenges.  Therefore, we encourage clients to contact us directly so we may set up a time to learn more about their project needs.

+ Why Choose SweatTech?

  • More Effective than Conventional Methods: Our system offers simultaneous de-sludging, tank cleaning, solids separation, and hydrocarbon recovery while reducing the volume of costly cutter stock required.

  • Saves Time: Utilizing Sweattech, we can reduce tank cleaning time by up to 80%, and shorten the overall downtime of the tank. We can also de-sludge tanks online with the ability to seamlessly return to service.

  • Focus on the Environment: Our paramount focus on environmental impact lead us to a smarter approach in tank cleaning. Advanced tech and industry leading expertise allows us to recover near 100% of hydrocarbons, minimize waste disposal, minimize emissions to the atmosphere, and run a cleaner job site with lower spill risk.

  • Better Cleaning: Our jet mixers and computer controlled nozzles reach floor, wall, and roof. We recirculate cleaning media with reduced cutter stock consumption and our hot oil and hot water washes are more effective in removing heavy oils and residue.

  • Safer Work Environment: During the cleaning process, there is no manned entry. Our system creates a closed, inert tank atmosphere, eliminating explosion hazards. Our system utilizes automatic shutdown features in conjunction with highly trained operators continuously monitoring the process.

  • Lower Costs:Significantly reduce the overall cost of cleaning process and recover large portions of sludge as viable hydrocarbon instead of paying to dispose in landfills

+ What is the Typical Duration of a Sweat-Tech Project?

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+ How does Sweat Energy Services maintain such high HS&E Standards?

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+ Is Cold Tapping safe and what impact does it have on tank roof construction?

  • Cutting holes in tank roof can pose great concern for tank owners and operators. However, using our cold tapping method, holes are cut in a safe and proven manner. The following hazards are eliminated by design and practice:

    • Explosion

      • Before the nozzle is fixed to the roof, an inert tank atmosphere below 8% oxygen is produced as an extra precaution to eliminate the dangers of cutting in an explosive atmosphere.
      • All equipment is bonded and grounded throughout the tapping process.
      • There is only very marginal frictional heat build-up from mounting and operating the cold tapping tool, as cutting oil is added to cool the equipment and prevent dangerous heat build-ups.
    • Loss of Containment

      • The nozzles are affixed to the roof and pressure tested prior to starting tapping process.
      • A powerful magnet placed on the bottom of the cutting head ensures that the cut-out roof plate does not fall in the tank. It is instead removed along with the cutting instrument, thereby eliminating the risk of sparks.