SES utilizes high end technology from a range of different manufactures combined with industry expertise to create SweatTech.  SweatTech HD uses an automated, mobile, modular, non-man entry tank cleaning system. Suitable for both floating and fixed roof tanks, it is designed to clean large volume, difficult tanks. SES pairs this and other technologies with our ability to create and execute a plan that meets your individual needs – including sludge separation and oil recovery.

Compared to conventional cleaning techniques, a SweatTech project cleans tanks much more safely and quickly. Our cleaning process greatly reduces the impact of tank cleaning on the environment and provides near 100% hydrocarbon recovery.


Compared to conventional cleaning we can reduce cleaning time by up to 80% and shorter overall down time of the tank.


Minimized waste disposal

Recovery of near 100% of hydrocarbons

Closed loop system ensures minimal emission of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere

Reduced consumption of water and electricity


No men enter the tank during cleaning 

System equipped with automatic shutdown features and continuous monitoring

Health and safety risks to staff dramatically reduced


Our system is modular and can be adapted to service a wide array of needs

As client needs change, we adapt to ensure the best possible outcome 


The efficiency of our system reduces overall project costs compared to conventional options