Removing tanks from service before their required date is a loss of utilization that can impact short-, and, long-term operations and budgets.  Often, a tank operator may be faced with conditions inside the tank that would drive them to make the difficult and unfavorable decision to take a tank out of service ahead of schedule.  Often Sweat Energy Services can remedy these conditions without the risk or cost of taking the tank out of service.

Examples of issues which can often be worked “online” with the tank in-service:

  • Solid precipitation

  • Catalyst build-up

  • Wax deposition

  • Stratification

  • Product contamination

  • Emulsion

Technology SES applies to these projects:

  • SweatTech HD - Automated Tank Cleaning System

  • SweatTech JM - Jet Mixing

  • Heating including boilers, heaters, exchangers, and recirculation pumps

  • 2- and 3-phase Centrifuges

  • Chemical injection and dispersion

A significant advantage of the online approach is the tank is never unavailable to the operator.  Critical tanks such as refinery slop tanks, pipeline divert tanks, or waste water surge tanks can be returned to operating condition in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months. 
If you have a tank issue and need a partner to help engineer and execute an effective solution SES should be your first call.