Cutting holes in tank roof can pose great concern for tank owners and operators. However, with SafeTap®, holes are cut in a safe and proven manner.

The following hazards are eliminated by design and practice:


Before the nozzle is fixed to the roof, an inert tank atmosphere below 8% oxygen is produced as an extra precaution to eliminate the dangers of cutting in an explosive atmosphere.

All equipment is bonded and grounded throughout the tapping process.

There is only very marginal frictional heat build-up from mounting and operating the SafeTap®, as cutting oil is added to cool the equipment and prevent dangerous heat build-ups. 

Loss of Containment

The nozzles are affixed to the roof and pressure tested prior to starting tapping process.

A powerful magnet placed on the bottom of the cutting head ensures that the cut-out roof plate does not fall in the tank.  It is instead removed along with the cutting instrument, thereby eliminating the risk of sparks.